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Meet Silvia:

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It begins as a drop of hope and humility
Silvia became part of the Foothill Family in 2010 as an Early Head Start (EHS) client with her five-month-old son, Jay.

Any mother can think, "I know what I'm doing now," when baby number four comes along. But not Silvia. She learned about our early childhood development program from a flyer that was mailed to her home in El Monte. Rather than assume that she knew it all, Silvia saw this as an opportunity to learn more about parenthood and ways to support the growth and development of her youngest child.

Ripples in motion
The EHS program opened Silvia's eyes to a whole world of relationship building and interaction with her family. And not just with the baby, but with her three older children as well. The first ripple moved through the family. Silvia and her husband learned more effective ways of communicating with one another and all four children, put into practice parent education tools and strategies, began to mark developmental milestones for the baby, and readily accessed resources in the community to help in their journey as a family.

Silvia and Jay continued to participate in EHS until he aged out at three years old. She contends that the mental, emotional, behavioral, and intellectual development she sees in him today as an eight year old is a direct result of what they learned together in EHS and the foundation of his growing academic success.

A wider reach
Since 2010, Silvia has joined and led the EHS Policy Council, a peer group for parents to help guide and sustain the EHS program in the communities it supports. In that time, Silvia and her family have been referred to other Foothill Family services that have overlapped to provide them with integrated care for various challenges. A staid supporter of Foothill Family and our programs, Silvia's outreach and advocacy as one person reaching many has empowered her personally, strengthened her community, and exponentially enriched Foothill Family.

Volunteering her time as a strong and thoughtful leader, Silvia became a prime candidate to join Foothill Family's Board of Directors, a post she holds today. As the voice of a donor and client, her perspective is meaningful and significant in the leadership of the agency.

Silvia and her husband continue to raise their four beautiful children (the family is pictured above): Jose will graduate from college next year; Yasmin is attending East Los Angeles College and works with preschoolers; Yvonne is a goal-driven 6th grader who loves to read; and Jay is a bright 2nd grader who enjoys learning and is an outstanding student.

As the lessons pass from one generation to the next, Silvia's ripples continue to reach forward and outward, making an impact now and far into the future.

Your ripple can begin with a simple donation to Foothill Family. Will you help us continue to empower change makers in our communities?

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