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The Roots of Our Foothill Family Tree

Foothill Family's existence, its advancement, expansion, and innovation, are the result of our meaningful partnerships with donors and colleagues, corporations and foundations, civic leaders and volunteers.

Become our partner today and make a difference in the lives of more than 24,000 people in our communities!

Partners for CHANGE [Monthly Giving]

Foothill Family Partners for Change are the life-giving water for our family tree - you keep us grounded and growing through your monthly, automatic giving. Your generosity sustains the life-changing programs that support our early childhood development, mental health, school-based behavioral health, and youth and family focused services.

AFFINITY Partners [Annual Giving]

Foothill Family Affinity Partners are the rings in our trunk - each year, your annual gift gives us another day and another way to fight mental illness and champion prevention and early intervention alongside the brave members in our community who have the courage to address challenges head on.

VISIONARY Partners [Membership Giving]

Foothill Family Visionary Partners act as the vital sunshine powering our growing leaves - your high-level, annual commitment to giving and guidance helps to steer your generosity where it is most needed.

LEGACY Partners [Planned Giving]

Foothill Family Legacy Partners are our heartwood, the dense center of our family tree trunk providing the strength to stand tall against the elements - through your foresight and planned giving, we can rely on gifts that can grow through interest and help weather tough economic times.


Foothill Family Foundation and Corporate Partners are our branches, helping us reach out into the community to build presence and awareness through your civic-mindedness and mission support. For inquiries into foundation giving, please contact Director of Foundation Grants Lara Lund. For corporate giving, please contact Assistant Director of Development Yvonne Tejeda. To reach our donor community, consider becoming a patron for our gala. For more details, click here.


For more information on partner levels and other ways to become involved with Foothill Family, please contact Yvonne Tejeda, Assistant Director of Development, or (626) 993-3626.

Foothill Family relies on donations to support many of the vital services and programs that we provide. Your support is invaluable to the vulnerable children and families that we serve.

Thank you for helping us continue to build brighter futures!


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