“Tip Your Cap and Pass the Hat”: Foothill Family Honors Jerilyn and Peter McAniff and Cathay Bank

Nov 2, 2018

PASADENA, Calif. – On November 28, Foothill Family will hold a luncheon to honor Jerilyn and Peter McAniff and Cathay Bank for their long-standing support of the agency’s work in the community.

Since 2010, both Jerilyn and Peter McAniff have been active with Foothill Family, separately and together. First serving on the board of directors and now on the advisory board, Peter McAniff has provided guidance to the organization in finance and long-term strategic planning. Jerilyn, as a member of the Friends of Foothill Family since 2010, has served in several leadership roles on the Friends board of directors, ranging from work on the annual benefit to membership development. The couple have hosted Foothill Family events at their home, underwritten several events to allow proceeds to benefit the agency, and are staunch advocates and ambassadors for Foothill Family in the community.

Cathay Bank’s growing presence in the San Gabriel Valley made its support of Foothill Family’s mission a natural pairing. Since an initial grant in support of Foothill Family’s domestic violence prevention and treatment program in 2014, to their high-level contribution to the agency’s 90th anniversary Vision Fund campaign, and its elevated patronage of the annual benefit, Cathay Bank’s philanthropic leadership has played a significant role in the growth of the agency’s corporate fundraising. As a community partner, they have provided customized financial literacy sessions for both Foothill Family clients and employees. To further strengthen the collaboration, Cathay Bank also lends its leadership to Foothill Family through the participation of Cathay Bank President and CEO Pin Tai as a member of the agency’s Board of Directors.

“We are so very proud to have the unequivocal support of the McAniff family and Cathay Bank, who understand what meaningful partnership is,” said Foothill Family CEO Steve Allen. “Since its founding in 1926, Foothill Family’s work in the community has relied on partnerships with community members to thrive and grow. Our generous volunteers, donors, and supporters understand that we serve clients right here, in our immediate communities, and that it is ultimately work that we must do together as neighbors and friends – as family – to succeed.”

“Tip Your Cap and Pass the Hat” is a nod to Foothill Family’s humble beginnings, founded by a community member who passed a hat to raise funds in support of Pasadena neighborhood families-in-need. As a luncheon of gratitude and giving, the event will also feature a moment to honor that legacy with a “pass the hat” fundraising challenge.

For more than 90 years, Foothill Family has served Southern California in its mission to empower children and families to achieve success in relationships, school, and work through community-based services that advance growth and development. The agency has earned a reputation for providing high-quality services that establish the foundation for brighter futures in which individuals and families thrive, communities are strengthened, and generations are enriched. Programs include mental health and school-based services for children, early childhood development programs, family and youth services including child abuse prevention and treatment, domestic violence prevention and treatment, and services for pregnant and parenting teens.Last year, Foothill Family’s life-changing programs and outreach touched more than 23,800 lives. For more information, please call (626) 993-3000 or visit www.foothillfamily.org.