There’s so much more we’d like to do to continue to enrich the quality of life in our community and we need your help to grow! By bridging the gap between expenses and program revenues, every gift play a critical role in allowing us to continue to provide healing excellence to our community.

Giving Tree Members

Special thanks to our annual supporters indicated in green who have made a gift in the past 12 months. The following recognition includes charitable giving, not including those designated for goods and services, to Foothill Family from July 2013 to June 2023. Foothill Family gratefully acknowledges the individuals below who contribute to our programs. This support has made a tremendous difference in the growth of our agency and in the lives of thousands of families. Our community is a better place because of you!


Donald* and Priscilla Hunt


Barbara and Steve Allen
Mr. Joe Ayoub
Jeanne and Michael Beckman
Angela and Michael Buchanan
Marisa and Ezra Callahan
Lily Lee and Tom Chang
Robert A. Day
The Brad and Pamela King Foundation
Dorine Real and Lee Tepper
Laura and Mark Repstad
Robyn and Chuck Tapert
Trevessa and James Terrile
Till and Frank Tranzow


Avery and Andy Barth
Tom Boyle and Wendy Lees
Jennifer and Ryan Brist
Margaret Juarez, M.D.
Walter Kilcullen and Danielle Hudson
Anita and Vince Lawler
Charisse and Rob Tolleson


Nicole and Daniel Adrien
Vanessa Wolf Alexander and Matthew Alexander
Patricia and Richard Avery
Lyn Beecher and Hunt Salembier
Brett Canon
Michelle Canon
Drs. Sara and Scott Gaspard
Sarah and Arthur Ludwick
Jerilyn and Peter McAniff
Stephanie and Greg McLemore
Abel and Emily Montanez
Christine Muller and John Swanson
Julietta Perez and Anthony Vann
Elzada F. Schweitzer*
Stanislawski & Harrison, CPAs
Cindy and Sheldon Stone
Teresa and Pin Tai
Mr. Eric Taylor
Kim and Rob Valencia
Nicole and Bernhard von Thaden


Les Allan
Seda Baghdasarian Saar
Erin and Jeremy Baker
Coleen and George Ball
Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger
Laurel Bear, Ph.D. and Jan Bear
Paul and Robin Borrud
Maria Camins
Rosalina and Frank Cárdenas
Gretta* and Joe Casalnuovo
Drs. Tina Chiou and Jonathan Tung
William and Agnes Chu
Rachel and Braden Criswell
Mark and Eva Davis
Steve and Sarah Deschenes
Sylvia Mendoza and Michael Driebe
Annette Ermshar and Dan Monahan
Willy and Christine Escobar
Tricia and Mike Fink
Megan and Rick Foker
James Franke
Stefani and Greg Freeburg
Lisette Gavina Lopez and Marcel Lopez
Sally and Thomas Gertmenian
Cristina Perez Gonzalez and Christopher Gonzalez
Norma and Scott Grannis
Taylor and Donald Hall
Craig and Jo Hodgetts
Alyssa and Christopher Kilpatrick
Ellen and Harvey Knell
Kate and Kevin Kohorst
Victor Lanfranco
Jean C. Lauricella, MD
Peter Le
Wende and Robert Lee
Becky and Kris Lythgoe
Tami Mitsumori-Miller and Michael Miller
Sharon and Mike Morey
Helen Morran-Wolf and Edward Wolf
Maria Muniz
Emory Ron Myrick
Sandi and Alfred Perrine
Sandra and Charles Plowman
KAnth Supriya Kalidindi and Sudhir Potturi
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Riddle
Vivian Godoy Rodriguez and Rey Rodriguez
Jennifer Gayle Rogers
Carin and Andrew Salter
Lori and Ted Samuels
Monica and Michael Schmid
Carlos Schonfeld
Mickey and Lee Segal
Rochelle and Jim Siegrist
Sonia and Neil Singla, MDs
Laurie and Jeff Smith
Donald Tapert
Christine Tarr
Sheila and John Thornton
Tiffany Tsuchiyama
Laura and David Unanue
Kunal and Aarti Vaishnav
Shannon and Jonathan Williamson
Julie and Charlie Woo
Elizabeth Zamora and Miguel Santana
Doerte and Jim Zeutzuis


Nancy and Gary Annick
Hilary and Vincent Anzalone
Cristina and Nadia Ayoub
Brett Barnard
Nancy and Tom Buck
Johnny Buss
Daneta Calderon-Vital
Andy and Kelley Carpiac
Courtney and Paul Cassidy
Catherine “Tink” Cheney
Ben and Becky Chuen
Annelise Dachel and Dominic Hougham
Craig and Kim Darian
Tina and James De La Torre
Stephanie and Leo Dencik
Carol and Brian Drake
Susan and Gary Dubois
Dianne Kim And John Frank
Dee Dee and Joel Fried
Sheela Gade, MD
Andrea and Errick Gibson
Christy and Paul Granieri
Elizabeth and Brian Hall
Katie and Steven High
David and Leslee Hinton
Adelaide Hixon
Hobey Family
Madeleine and Matt Horton
Emilie and Rob Hoyt
Patricia Johnson
Martha and Bruce Karsh
Samantha and Peter Knight
Mary M. Kresky
Zachary and Marie Levenick
David Y. Lin
Chang and Alice Liu
Susan and Andy Miller
Danny Milner
Frances and David Morrison
Darlene* and Al Mour
Dr. Ayesha Randall
Patricia Valdez-Rippy and Mark Rippy
Sarah and Daniel Rothenberg
Sarah and Fred Rowley
Ms. Gerrie W. Santos
Rayann and Kahn Scolnick
Katie and Ron Seley
Arianne and Brandon Shapiro
Lori and Javed Sheikh
Sarah Soifer and Cameron Yamaguchi
Andrea Sossin-Bergman and Paul Bergman
Kaaren and Ted Stalick
Jil and Jack Stark
Kim Sutantyo
Stacey and Alex Terriquez
Beatrice and Stephen Usher
Zoe and Perry Vidalakis
John and Michele Waller
Tom Westbrook
Alison and Joseph Winter
Melissa Wu and Andrew Firchau
Valerie and Christopher Yee


Christine Adams and James Asperger
Jennifer and Chris Allen
Julia Almanzan and Douglas Hunter
Noelle and Edward Aloe
Margaret Ambrose
Goli Ameri
Nancy Andalon
James Anderson
Raymond Andry
Michael D. Antonovich
Brenda Dieck and Payam Ardestani
Enrique Arevalo
Cathy Arkley
Natalia Austin
Salwa Ayoub
Gwen and Guilford Babcock
Meghan and Monte Baier
Marie Balderas
Katherine Ball
Liz Baskerville
Lisa Gallaway and Geoffrey Baum
Julia and Sean Beckman
Cushon and Adam Bell
Barbara and Don Benjamin
Meg Bennett
Chantal and Stephen Bennett
Ginger and Bill Bercaw, MDs
Anders and Shelley Berg
Mike Bergin
Mark Berry and Vanessa Fadial
Dimple Bhasin and Ben Pradhan, MD
Allison and John Bicos
Eleni and Chris Bicos
Susan Blaisdell
Andrea and Geoff Bland
Raymie and Chris Boghossian
Christina Bolaños and Carlos Bonilla
Richard and Claudia Boles
Caroline and Thomas Borncamp
Nick Boswell
The Bowrons
Amy Boyle and John Gandara
Yvonne and Phil Braddick
Mia Martinez and John Brady
Tom and Amalie Britton
Courtney and Daniel Bushore
Christie Byrd
Sean and Heather Cain
Judy and Phil Callahan
Suzette Ramirez-Carr and Robin Carr
Cherie and Albert Casalnuovo
Valerie and Damian Casalnuovo
Lorraine Casalnuovo*
Jennifer Celotta
Jay Cervenka
Kathryn Chambers
Kristin and Greg Chapman
Elsa and Xavier Chavez
Catherine C. Cheney
Charles Chlipala
Marlene Markari and Patrick Chraghchian
Judy Chu and Mike Eng
Leslie and John Clayton
Anthony Clougherty
Gina and Tim Cockriel
Michael Cody
Sachiko Cohen
Aliya and David Coher
Goli Compoginis, MD
Tonetta Conner
Jessica Connolly
Ashley Cooley and Brady Flaherty
Amy Cousineau
Phyllis and Dave Crandon
Chelby Crawford
Will Crawford
Jessica and Karl Curran
Glenda Curry
April Danz and Kelly Johnson
Myrna Davalos
Michael Davis, MD
Carol and Michael Deck
Brittney and Matthieu Declerck
Tama and Paul Deitch
Dena Deming
Erica Deutsch
Giselle and Art Dhallin
Lisa and Jay Dick
David DiCristofaro
Margaret diZerega
Rene and John Dolan
Maricela Dominguez
Ed and Maria Don
Elin R. Dowd
Kathleen Drummy
Justene Pierce and Jason DuNah
Jean-Jacques Dupre
Lourdes Duran
Nelida Duran
Christopher Dutra
Mary Ann Dutra
Susan Zeren Dutra
Cynthia Nuccio and Gary Dye
Victoria and Mark Eaton
Michele and Andrew Esbenshade
Jane and Robert Ettinger
Lisa and Chalvis Evans
Lisa and Thomas Evans
Vanessa Fadial and Mark Berry
Doree Farina
Faith and Michael Field
Eric Foker
Janet Frangie
Robin Friedman
Khara Fuentes
Lisa Gallaway and Geoffrey Baum
Brenda and Bill Galloway
Alison and Mark Gamble
Lisa and David Garcia
Edgar Garcia-Mora
Heather and Clark Gardner
Rachelle and Andrew Gayl
Grant and Maureen Gelberg
Susan and Tom Gentile
Stephanie and Jay Ghiya
Molly and Patrick Girardi
Ann and Rob Gluck
Carolina and Daniel Goldthwait
Gloria Gomez
Hilda Gomez
Diana and Rodrigo Gonzalez
Andrea and David Grable
Allan Greif
Angie Groom
Donna and John Grotzinger
Michelle and Giovanni Guerra
Ylianna Perez Guerrero and Jamie Guerrero
Dan Haggerty
Anita Handojo
Ragaa Hanna
Beth and Rob* Hansen
Kristin and Berkeley Harrison
J. Dale Harvey and Amy Wallace
Hanna and Timothy Harwick
Anna and George Hasbun
Pilar and Chris Haydel
Hilda Hernandez
Jared Herzikoff-Cornell and Asha Masurekar
Blair and Melissa Heuer
Lynne Hillenbrand and Erik Hovanec
Mark and Amanda Holdsworth
Carolyn Hom and Mike Valenti
Christopher Howard
Mariko and Andrew Hsu
Karen Huante-Alexander
Celia and Isaac Hung
Ana and Steven Huot
Eugene Hutchins
Jennifer and Christopher Jacobs
Jessica Harley James and Chris James
Suzanne James
Diana Vesga and Andres Jaramillo
Debra Jenkins DeBose and James DeBose*
Terry Jimenez
Breann and Philip Joanou
Cristina Johansing
Pamela and Paul Johnson
Miranda Johnson-Haddad and Mark Haddad
Mimi and Nelson Jones
Milly and Sidney Jones
Elizabeth and Howard Kahn
Cindy and Marc Karlin
Greg Karns
Kathy Kelley
Lisa Kenyon
Hagop and Taleen Khatchadourian
Hassan and Fariba Kheradmandan
John Kim
Sherri Klosterman
Peter and Becky Knell
Jennifer Knepshield and Carl Seibert
Toni Ko
Candace Krol Krufeldt and Mike Krufeldt
Deborah and Sameer Kumar
Aparna and Siddhartha Kumar
Danmy T. Kuo
Janet and Norman Labrador
Linda and Robert Lake
Lindsey and Alex Lansburgh
Lynda and Dale Laurance
Penelope Ledbetter
Tammy Lee and David Zander
Janice Lee-McMahon and Brian McMahon
Charles Lei
Agnes Lew
Danette Lew
Jennifer Lichtman
Carol Lieberman
Heather and Matt Lillard
Eva Lin
Jan Llewellyn
Thomas Lo
Jennifer Loew and Mark Nowaczyk
Nicole and Ron Logan
Claudia Lopez
Jacqueline Lorente
Melissa and Rob Lorenz
Roger Love
Lara and Robert Lund
Liliana A. Lynn
Nigel Lythgoe
Allison Maginn and Donovan Janus
Rhonda Mairs
Mr. and Mrs. Shahriar M. Makanvand
Kathy Mangum
Marlene Makari and Patrick Chraghchian
Edgar Marroquin
Amy Martinez
Carol and Steve Martinez
Jennifer Martinez
Brent and Leah Mason
Judy and Donald Matthews
Ted and Jane McAniff
Kathleen and George McCrimlisk
Kristen and Brian McInnis
Michelle Mendez
Monica Menez
Fred and Leila Milkie
Angela Miller
Lia and Ryan Miller
Randall Miller
Meredith and Warren Min
Kim Mislick
Patricia and Greg Moad
Kristen and Todd Molz
Josette Montgomery
Susan and Ralph Moore
Eliut Moreno
Melissa Morrison Reyes and Joshua Reyes
Wendy Mour
Michele and Mark Mozilo
Wendy Munger and Leonard Gumport
Asha M. Munroe
Marilyn Myers
Ginger Navarrete
Nancy Navis
Cathy and Charles Nissen
Cristina G. Nissen
Edward Nodal
Brenda and Saxon Nowotka
Cynthia Nuccio and Gary Dye
Mary and Tim O’Brien
Artemisa Oliva
Cindy Orozco
Patty Owings
Mabell Garcia Paine and Tony Paine
Liliana and Luis Patiño
Grant Paules
Evelyn Pickering
Justene Pierce and Jason DuNah
Maria and Keith Piken
Een Pitzer
Charles S. Plowman
Cornelius Pone
Shahrzad Poormosleh and Reza Pishva
Susan Regas and Bo Riewerts, MD
Marybeth Rehman-Dittu
Carolee Reiling
Shelly and Robert Reisch
Candy and Randy Renick
Estelle Reyes Madrid and Neil Madrid
Tom Reynolds
Anna-Christine and Christopher Rising
Jill Westbrook Roberts and Rick Roberts
Alex Rodriguez
Bettina and Michael Rosenfeld
Assemblymember Blanca Rubio
Senator Susan Rubio
Kate and Steve Sachs
Fattaneh and Sohrab Rob Salek
Berenice Salvatierra
Paul Salvaty and Elizabeth Salvati
Christina and Bernardo Santillan
Lauren Savarese
Susan and Mitchell Sawasy
Jamie Schnabel
Yalda and Walter Seace
Susan and Mike Seley
Amber and Luis Serrano
Tyler Seto
Ann and Alap Shah
Eva Simpson
Kerry Slater
Ann and Davis Smith
Reggy Soenarso
Lynette and Frederic Sohl
Andrew Sorcini
Beatris Soriano
Mary and Laurence Spencer-Smith, MD
Susan Spina
Steve Srour
Priscila and Daniel Stanton
Emily Stephens
Roger W. Stephens
Denise Stevenson
Chris Stoneley
Victoria Stover Mordecai
Vicki and Douglas Strugar
Stefan Studer
Margot Stueber
Nancy Szeto-Ko
Helen and Chris Taylor
Julie Taylor, MD and Drew Taylor
Laney and Tom Techentin
Laura Thompson
Amanda and Jason Tracey
Suzanne and Peter Trepp
William Ukropina
Lora Unger
Socorro Valdez
Julie and Michael Vega
Rodney and Emily Vencatachellum
Diana Vesga and Andres Jaramillo
Diane and John Vidalakis
Julie and Todd Wagner
Pamela and Barton Wald
Danielle and John Walker
Jennifer Wang
Carol and Stephen Watkins
Julianne and Phil Webb
Queena Wei
Catherine Welch
Ahlene Welsh
Andrea and Gregory Williams
Kenya Williams
Angela Wilson and Sofie Eriksson
Candace and Russell Woodruff
Meriel and Nywood Wu
Dorothy and Steven Yamada
Mahvash and Farrok Yazdi
Liz Young
Tina and Peter Zarifes
Lisa and David Zastrow
Wei Zhang


Francisca Acosta
Mary Alexander
Adrianne and Robert Andrews
Jacob Baca
V. Rev. Timothy Baclig
Meredith Bagby
Courtney Ball
Alicia Barriga
Robert Barth
Una and Steve Battaglia, MD
Dean Beattie
Dianna Lau and Kevin Beggs
Nick Bernstein
Laura and Del Birmingham
Laura Blechert
Sarah and Alex Bliss
Jeannine Bogaard
William and Susan Boyd
Krysten and Walter Brennan
Karen and Steven Bristing
Catherine Browne
Ms. Jessica Bugarin
Amion and Scott Burton
Denise Cardoso
Cindi and Brian Carter
Morgan Carter
Lori and Charles Casalnuovo
Judy Scarbrough and Steve Casalnuovo
Alejandro Cerda
Kerry and John Cervenka
Mayra Chavez
Yvonne Cheng and Michael Leung
Twiner Cheung
Eileen Chin and Duncan Rolph
Christine Choi
Karen Chou
Jan Clifford
Theresa Patzakis and Dean Collins
Robert Corenson
Janice and Bill* Corey
Natalie and Horacio Cortez
MaryRose and Thomas Courtney
McLean Crichton
Yvonne Hajdu-Cronin and Christopher Cronin
Andre Joseph Cronthall
Vanessa Cruz
Carly Cucco
Cher and Ian Culver
Chava Danielson
Heather Delman
Jason DeLoach
Elisabeth Seitz and Joe DeRobertis
Nicholas Devereux
Mary Ann Dibs
Allison and Todd Dietrick
Lian Dolan and J.B. Treidler
Lou Dougherty
Shyrl and Robert Dougherty
Kay and Alex Durairaj
Kahlmus Eatman
Sarah Elliott
Nancy and Richard Esbenshade
Chelle and Kurt Farquhar
Ivana and Mark Fedor
Dave and Seana Fern
Martha and Manuel Figueroa
Yvette Flores
Steve Flynn
Tina and Jack Forrestel
Stephanie Fossan
Cindy and Bill Fox
Stephanie Fox
Jessica Gallardo
Ming and Brian Gamberg
Anthony Garcia
Ed Garcia
Dr. Luis Garcia
Chris Garlington
Kathy Neville and Don Gaspard, MD
Melissa Gayl
Zlatina Georgieva
Beth Gertmenian
Reza Ghanian, MD
Caitlin Giss and Nathan Morgan
Christine and Steven Goad
Alejandra Gomez
Manuel Gomez
Regina Gomez
Jesse Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez
Marlene Gonzalez
Sandra Gonzalez
Ada Gorn
Sonia Granada
Elena Graves
Helen and Scott Graves
Curtis Green
Jewel Greenberg
Gavin Gruenberg
Hilda Hacobian
Katie Haire
Young-Gi Harabedian
Samantha Harris
Warren Harris
Sharon Hauptman
Elsy Hedman
Marilyn and Robert Henderson
Carlyn Henry
Leticia Hernandez
Daryll & Bryan Hinckley
Amy Hoddick
Christine Hong
Teena and Doug Hostovich
Victoria Huangfu
Kate and Kjell Hult
Sara and Kevin Hurley
Greg Hydle
Teresa Ibanez
Colleen and Liam McGuinness
Kishwar and Saeed Jaffer
Guy Jamison
Lizette Jimenez
Maura and Robin Johnson
Catherine and Jonathan Karoly
Marion Kelly
Evelina Keremian
Esther Kim
Dr. Garry Kim
Michael Kleine
Pat and Robert Kocsis
Cindy Lam
Nick Lanfranco
Sharon Lang
Shelly and Amar Lapsi
Dianna Lau and Keving Beggs
Mark and Amy Lechler
Margarita Lechuga-Nuno
David Lee
Matt and Joanna Lee
Yvonne Cheng and Michael Leung
Lisa Lew
Michele Licht
Sten Lilja
Hanna and Mark Lim
Laura Line
Joyce Locke
Peter Lopez
Richard Louie
Lynne Lovasco
Diana Mak
Seema Malhotra
Sujal Mandavia
Frank Marrone
Rhonda and Bob Marshall
Bhuvan Martin
Gregg Martin
Gabriela Martinez
Mayda Martinez
Dorsa Maryska, M.D.
Pamela and J. Clifton Massar
Kathleen and Garth Massey
Amy and Tony Massino
Asha Masurekar
Lily Matias
Susan and Stephen Matloff
Angela Mavridis
Alysha McCuistion
Harper and Andrew McDonald
Kristen McInnis
Margaret L. McLaughlin
Mary Milkie-Andrews
Christina Monson
Lisa and Edward Morales
Carol Morris
Ginger Mort
Graciela Mujica
Vanesa Munoz
Kelly Robson Myronowicz and Caylan Myronowicz
Surya Nallurii/span>
Kristy and Joe Narens
Cindy Nasser
Robin and Dorothy Nicholas
Manuela Noske and William Payne
Teresa Nunez
Janet Orozco-Brown
Kara Otamura and Michael Schneickert*
Melissa Pace
Vicky Pai
Myrna Palafox
Christine and Rafael Pando
Vergie Papalexis
Andrea and John Patzakis Patzakis
Ms. Theresa Patzakis and Dean Collins
Terry and Jeffrey Paule
Meaghan and Charlie Peters
William Peters
Susie and Alex Pilmer
Britta Piotrowski
Danielle and Randy Poli
Helen and Darrell Poplock
Anthony Portantino
Poulsen Family
Liana Prieto
Robyn Ratcliffe Manzini
Cesar Recendez
John Semcken and Diane Reed
Zoe Regan
Harry Repstad
Leigh and John Repstad
Claudia Reyes
Gail and Rick Rice
Marcela and Phong Rock
Eileen Chin and Duncan Rolph
Nicole Romano Lamb and Sam Lamb
Taylor Romatoski
Beatriz Romero
Bob and Joyce Romero
Caroline and Tom Rose
Susan and Byron Roth
Gus and Melissa Ruelas
Jennifer Ryan
Maggie and Kenneth Sabbag, MDs
Devon and Mark Sakamoto
Joyce Salamy
Linda Salinas
Joshua Saltman
Suzanne Calrk Sanchez and Steven Sanchez
Rachel Scandling and Matthew Steinberg
Michael *and Kara Schneickert
Jennifer Seto
Oula Siblini
Diana and Ralph Simmons
Roslyn Simpson
Jesse Singh
Nicole and John Smelzer
Kristin and Timothy Smith
Silvia and Jose Solorio
John Spach
Debra and Brian Spaulding
Marianne and John Spielmann
Leah Sternberg
Brenda Suarez
Sarah Sugerman
Eugene Sun
Ivy and Richard Sun, MD
Takako and Victor Suzuki
Yvonne Tejeda
Rebecca and Stephen Terni
Kami and Mike Tidik
Anna Tom
Jacqueline Tran and Gene Chung
Lian Dolan and J.B. Treidler
Ken Tsuchiyama
Victor Tsuchiyama
Wendy Urcino
Denise Urzua
Michelle and Matt Van Buren
Lisa Vandergriff
Dr. Courtney Vito
Hanna Voltattorni
Blanca Wagner
Linda Wah
Kathleen Walker
Julia Walkup
Carol Ann and Stephen Warren
Dawn Watkins
Joel Weinstein
Van Edward White
Darlene and Harold Wholey
Sean and Lishele Wigand
Sarah Wilsey
Andy and Liz Wilson
Diane Wittenberg
Jason Wolenik
Mishna Wolf
Charles Wong
Hania and Amir Yazdi
Miyoung and Jeff Yoon Hammer
Michael Young
Edmond Yu
Phillis Yu
Xuming Zhang
Peter Zwers

*In memoriam

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