Youth & Family Services

Family dynamics inform personal growth and development for our entire lives. From early childhood development to learning how to parent from our own parents; from nature alongside nurture; from learning from example to role modeling behavior, our homes and the actions of the people in it will affect who we are and who we become in distinct and complicated ways.

Youth and family services at Foothill Family include prevention, intervention, treatment, and support programs for various family situations.

Pregnant and parenting teens

are supported through Teen Family Services, Cal-LEARN, and Adolescent Family Life Programs, which provide comprehensive case management and mentoring aimed at goal-setting and achieving, staying in school, and graduating. These programs help young mothers and fathers learn to make positive lifestyle choices, raise healthy babies, and learn parenting skills.

Perpetrators' treatment groups

consist of 52-week group sessions conducted by certified group facilitators to help abusive partners identify their issues with power, self-esteem, and control, and learn how to manage their emotions, particularly anger. Participation can be voluntary or court-mandated.

Family Preservation

provides in-home family counseling, referrals, case management and linkage to other necessary services so children can safely remain in their homes or return to their homes after an allegation of abuse has been made.

Elder abuse treatment and support

is available to individuals over the age of 65 and their families who seek assistance to overcome elder abuse. Services are offered free of charge and include crisis intervention, counseling, and response; case management, financial counseling, legal services, access to medical care, and personal advocacy.

Domestic and family violence prevention and treatment programs

help survivors overcome the emotional trauma of abuse through case management services, individual and family counseling, support groups, therapy, and linkages to supportive resources.

Child abuse prevention and treatment

services are provided for children and families who have experienced or are at risk for child abuse/neglect. Services include comprehensive assessment, play therapy, group therapy, family therapy, case management, and parent education provided at home, at school, or in our family centers.

Family members who are the sole or main caregivers for children

can benefit from Relative Support Services, a program that provides support to primary caregivers and their children to enhance the family unit and promote permanency and safety.

PArents Invested in Relationship Success (PAIRS)

is a proactive relationship education program for couples who are parenting children. Using evidence-based curricula, couples will learn a variety of relationship and parenting skills.
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