Foothill Family’s Making Seasons Brighter program aims to empower our clients during what can be a challenging holiday season. More than 90 percent of clients who receive treatment from Foothill Family live in poverty-level or low income households and have difficulty meeting even basic needs such as clothing, food, and housing. Without assistance, a great number of these families would not be able to celebrate the holidays at all.  

Because of your gift, Foothill Family clients and their families will have a special holiday experience where they can select their own holiday gifts for each other!

Highlights from Making Seasons Brighter 2022

About the Program

Making Seasons Brighter began in 2016, and empowers families to be participants in their holiday experience, rather than recipient bystanders. This can make all the difference to position them as the providers that they strive to be for their families and helps them to feel supported and cared for during the holidays as they work toward a place of healing and hope for a brighter future. This holiday season, we embrace giving, gratitude, empathy and empowerment. 

Questions? Please contact the Development Department at or (626) 993-3636.