The Gretta Ayoub Casalnuovo Memorial Scholarship Fund

Make a gift to Foothill Family that has a different kind of lasting impact!

With a gift to The Gretta Ayoub Casalnuovo Memorial Scholarship Fund, you can help Foothill Family provide stipends to graduate student interns in the field of social work.

Interns at Foothill Family provide services in our school-based counseling, child abuse treatment, and domestic violence treatment programs under close supervision from a licensed supervisor. Interns enhance the services that we are able to provide to the community while getting real world experience working with and supporting families in need. Interns are an incredibly important part of our programs and thanks to the Gretta Ayoub Casalnuovo Memorial Scholarship Fund, Foothill Family will be able to provide an annual stipend to students who qualify.

Gretta Ayoub Casalnuovo had a passion for helping others. She earned her Master of Social Work degree at the USC School of Social Work in 1999. She then spent the rest of her career as a therapist at Foothill Family, rising to the level of Director of the Full Service Partnership.

Her passion for helping others continued while working at Foothill Family, where she not only assisted those in the community that needed support but was a mentor to graduate student interns, helping them to develop their potential as professionals. In 2008, Gretta received the Distinguished Field Instructor Award from USC for her outstanding work in the area of Clinical Field Instruction.

Gretta passed away from ovarian cancer on October 30, 2016, surrounded by her family and friends. It is her friends and family who have come together to create the Gretta Ayoub Casalnuovo Memorial Scholarship Fund to help continue Gretta’s work assisting graduate students so they can be their best and continue to help others in need.

“I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

- 2023 recipient

“I look forward to being able to give back to the community, encouraging social justice and equality, and breaking the negative stigmas of mental health.”

- 2023 recipient

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Questions? Please contact the Development Department at or (626) 993-3636.