Healthy Families America (HFA) Home Visitation Program

Healthy Families

At Foothill Family, we understand the journey of parenthood can be overwhelming. Whether you’re preparing for your new baby’s arrival, or you’re navigating early childhood, our Home Visitation Program is here to help. Through our partnership with the County of Los Angeles Department of Public Social Services (CalWORKs), we offer comprehensive support tailored to your needs—completely free of charge.



    • Personalized Home Visits: Learn parenting and child development strategies comfortably at home or another location of your choice.
    • Emotional and Psychological Support: If you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or isolated, our specialists provide the support you need to manage your wellbeing.
    • Community Resources: Gain access to local services and resources to support your family’s health and development.
    • Educational Activities: Discover fun and engaging ways to interact with your child and family, enhancing your child’s early education.
    Healthy Families America

    For more information or to get enrolled, call Foothill Family at (626) 993-3049.

    DO YOU?

    • Need help preparing for the coming of your baby or in nurturing your child?
    • Want to learn more about having a healthy pregnancy right in the comfort of your own home or your choice of place to meet up?
    • Need support and information about parenting your child and building healthy relationships?
    • Want to learn fun ways of interacting with your child and family?
    • Need assistance in seeking services and resources in your community?
    • Want to prepare your child early for school?

    ARE YOU?

    • Feeling worried? Stressed? Sad? Even anxious because either pregnancy or parenting is causing this feeling?
    • Experiencing being alone or unsupported with this new chapter in your life?
    • Looking into making this pregnancy or parenting role an opportunity to better your future?
    • Willing to provide nothing but the best for yourself and your child?


    • Like to learn more about your child’s development and how you can support his or her growth?
    • Appreciate help that would make you recognize and build on your strengths and be more capable as a parent or caregiver to rear a happy and healthy child?
    • Consider having all these help and services for FREE?


    Our services are designed for parents who are expecting or have recently given birth, with children up to three months old. Participation is voluntary, flexible, and designed to fit your schedule, including virtual visit options.

    Join Our Community of Supported Families:

    Don’t navigate parenthood alone. Join the hundreds of families who benefit from our program each year.

    Contact Lizette Jimenez for More Information or to Enroll:

    Phone: (626) 993-3049 



    San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys, Burbank & Glendale Area.