Foothill Family Expands Critical Services in Pomona

Apr 18, 2022

To meet a large and growing need, Foothill Family is deeply investing in the community of Pomona by establishing a new, 10,000 square foot permanent Family Center

PASADENA, CA – Foothill Family is broadening our reach and impact by expanding our services and the number of families we can serve by establishing a permanent, physical presence in Pomona. Our ongoing commitment to establish deeper connections within the community of Pomona will enhance our ability to respond to families’ needs.

“I am delighted about Foothill Family’s expansion of critical services into our community,” said Senator Connie M. Leyva, California State Senate, 20th District. “The impact will contribute to Pomona’s rich diversity and provide more children and families with the services and resources they need to thrive.”

Pomona ranks disproportionately high for key risk indicators and stressors that impact the safety and overall well-being of children and families. Foothill Family’s programs emphasize prevention and early intervention which decreases the onset of significant emotional and behavioral challenges, supports the development of a youth’s strengths and development, and promotes resilience.

The new permanent facility in Pomona will expand our care with the high-quality, personalized, and dignified approach that has long been our hallmark as a leader in mental health care and early childhood development programs.

“Foothill Family feels a responsibility and passion for working with community partners to connect our families to resources throughout the city to ensure our families’ needs are met. Strong and resilient families are the backbone of vibrant, thriving communities. Today, we look to vastly expand our presence, reach and impact.” said Steve Allen, Foothill Family Chief Executive Officer.

“About four and a half year ago, Foothill Family set up a small office here in the city and over that time, they’ve done amazing work, said Tim Sandoval, Mayor of Pomona. We are so thankful that Foothill Family has expanded their services here in the city of Pomona. Particularly as we ease out of this pandemic, we are going to need all the help we can get. When you’re faced with very real challenges and issues, you have a warm, welcoming, caring place that will help you with the services you need.”

Foothill Family’s programs at the Pomona Family Center will focus on early childhood development and youth & family services. Our approach to care is intentional and personalized for each client’s continued success. Rather than focus solely on the challenges and/or treatment of one individual, our programs incorporate parents, children, and family members to establish a network of support. This approach to care reinforces the tools and resources clients learn from their work with Foothill Family to ensure lasting change.

Programs include:

  • Early Head Start Childcare Partnerships
  • Home Visitation for Mothers & Young Children
  • Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment
  • Domestic Violence Prevention & Treatment
  • Elder Abuse Prevention & Treatment
  • Pregnant and Parenting Teen Support
  • Parent Relationship Education
  • Intensive Mental Health Services
  • Early Childhood Workforce Apprenticeships

View more details in our video featuring Senator Connie M. Leyva, Pomona Mayor Tim Sandoval as well as community partners and Foothill Family board members at